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Gold in the works of Shakespeare

One of the most beautiful precious metals in world is gold. Gold has long been a symbol of wealth, strength, power, and desire. Gold through different mediums have been shown to have the role of utmost evil, and a great sanctity at the same time. Gold is the only metal known to be a representation of purity, finesse, and value. In many myths, it is used to destroy any kind of magic, and bring power. The use of gold in medals, and wards also makes its use as a symbol of excellence, and achievement.

Gold becomes a desire for every human who knows its value. With the discovery of gold, there were several myths, and facts associated with it. After the gold rush in Californian, many artist, poets, and writers found new avenues to write. Gold acquired a unique status in arts, and literature, and it represented a materialistic approach.

One of the greatest writers, poet, and actor, Shakespeare also knew the charm, and power of gold. He is known as one of the greatest dramatists of all times, and conveyed different messages through his work.
Many of his plays and stories reflect the human nature.

Shakespeare also has used gold in symbolism, and Imagination. Through his work, he has explained the uniqueness, and significance of gold.

Shakespeare has also considered the issue of physical appearance, and the varied reality of objects. He has also used gold in several of his works to explain the difference of appearances and its varied reality. A famous quote of Shakespeare is that 'all that glisters is not gold'. The phrase has been used in his play (Merchant of Venice) and means that what appears good on the outside, it is not necessarily good from the inside as well.

Shakespeare in his work has used gold as a symbol. Through its use, Shakespeare has conveyed that greedy people, who are fooled by appearance, choose gold. Gold attracts the materialistic people who sell out for wealth, and luxury. The other verse" Gilded tombs do worms enfold" also conveys the same message. Gilded tombs mean that tombs covered with gold, which do not have any kind of treasure, but only worms. It is not wise to choose something because of its golden appearance.

Use of Gold as a symbol is found in some other sonnets, and verses of Shakespeare. For example in his sonnet "Not marble nor the gilded monuments" Shakespeare has conveyed that wealth does no equal the emotions for a loved one. The term "gilded monuments" means monuments made or covered with gold. Gold has been used by Shakespeare as something of value to the materialistic people only and not something important for the wise ones.

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